Gravlet is a group which realizes theoretical and experimental research in the sphere of gravitation. The biggest area of our work is based on an idea which was initially developed by Koen van J. Vlaenderen and other experiments which have already been made. Our basic idea is to come closer to the nature of gravity, as well as to develop experimental methods which provide an opportunity to simulate gravitational effects, as well as the control of the gravitational field, in local parts from the time-space.

Developments in this sphere will provide the knowledge on how to construct gravitational devices which would incorporate features mentioned below.

Gravitation waves

A device based on antigravity technology which will consume electrical energy, thus polarising the vacuum around it and generating gravitational waves which will be used as a driving force.

Anti-gravitation technology based on electricity

The antigravity device will consume electrical energy for the generation of a driving force, which means that no liquid fuels are required.


Antigravity technology is supposed to be ecological since it would not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.


The antigravity technology can be used for the construction of different devices and machines.